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Flexible Tank Forest Model Self-Supporting

Contenedor abierto diseñado para facilitar la recarga de canastos (Bambi Bucket) utilizados por helicópteros.

Ideal for refilling Bambi Bucket baskets
Quick Installation
Minimum Maintenance


  • Tank designed to make the recharging of buckets easier (bambi buckets), used by helicopters during fire control operations
  • The design allows for easy filling and emptying cycles
  • Rapid deployment and implementation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Can be folded and rolled up without affecting the fabric
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Does not require rigid structures for support during filling processes due to the floating collar on the top of the tank
  • Manufactured with fabrics imported from Germany and France
  • Guaranteed water tightness of the product achieved by means of a high electronic frequency sealing process
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Water supply to recharge bambi buckets of helicopters

Water supply for fire trucks

Relief for water trucks

Volúmenes y dimensiones

Included equipment

  • Filling/emptying valve
  • Securing hooks
  • Deployment handles

Accessories (not included)

  • Top cover with fixation
  • Groundsheet
  • Repair kit


* Equipamiento se puede modificar según requerimiento
** Peso incluye equipamiento estándar
Capacity (L) Equipment (*) Weight KG (**)
40.000 2 valves 3" 117
80.000 2 valves 3" 157
100.000 2 valves 3" 186

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